Suitcase Monsters

Suitcase Monsters

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This was a toy collection called “Suitcase Monsters”. The challenge was to design something around the word “travel” so this is how these little guys came to life.

After endless possibilities of what could be made, I decided to approach this project with humor since at times traveling can be stressful. When we travel things in our suitcase break, clothes get wrinkly and smelly after some time, we tend to lose our suitcases, get sick, get delayed at metal detectors, and many more things can happen. These suitcase monsters are the cause of all these travel issues. They are actually very nice and they don’t realize they are causing problems, they are really just having fun and living their normal lives.

A life size, prototype toy of one of the monsters was made and packaged as if it were inside a suitcase. “Oopsie Spilly Daisy” is the monster that causes things to spill in your suitcase such as toothpaste or perfumes. A small catalog describing each Suitcase Monster was designed as well.


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