Unleash Studio

Unleash Studio

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The Studio was located on the “lanai” or terrace of the apartment I used to live in. After sitting down, sketching and thinking of the endless possibilities of how my studio could look like, I created a space where I could feel inspired to work and where I could be surrounded by fun, unique and functional creations.

The desk was where I spent most nights creating and also thinking of the next projects for Unleash. It was made with aluminum and plexiglass. I designed it this way because I like displaying models and objects underneath it while also keeping the surface of the desk free. A height adjustable bench pulls out from under the floating desk to provide additional workspace.

My “Unleash” sign was made with a recycled ladder and letters cut by hand to illuminate and warm up the studio.

The suspended shelf was made out of a recycled aluminum ladder, plastic boards and also, specially designed stainless steel brackets. Two industrial lamps hang from it with a soft light adding more ambience, and one separate lamp lights up the desk. Great for storage and saving space.

Because I needed a place to sit and read while I research, I designed a chair made with an aluminum frame, PVC pipe tubes and a recycled ladder containing shelves made with metal brackets and thick foamcore.

If you are small, you might like the cozy chairs designed with laundry baskets with their base made of aluminium. These chairs are good for having discussions while hanging out with your friends.


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