Automation Anywhere 2019

Automation Anywhere 2019


Automation Anywhere, a company that revolutionizes the way we use bots in the workspace, has grown into a multi-billion dollar organization quickly. After designing their successful 2017 and their 2018 Shared Services and Outstanding Week booths (SSOW), they came back to Group Delphi to see if we could design their 30’ x 40’ 2019 booth.

As Artificial Intelligence and Bot Automation has rapidly gained acceptance, the goal this year was no longer to show the value of the bot technology, but to show how successfully bot technology can be used in all areas, especially Life Sciences, Government and Finance. The challenge was to create an unexpected artistic experience to cause the attendees to pause and reflect on what they are looking at. The client asked to explore three areas as “separate window displays” that represented Life Sciences, Government and Finance in some way. Each window had to be unique, modular and also be able to be replicated and produced in other countries.

Attached are images of the creative process and design explorations that took to get to the final design. Photos of the “making of” and the final exhibit at SSOW 2019 will be coming very soon.

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