Engagement Chair

Engagement Chair

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I originally sketched this rocking sailboat chair during an Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV as a concept. This chair won the challenge and earned me a spot in the show. After the show aired, I wanted to fully design this chair beyond just being a sketched concept and build it for a very special someone and occasion. A few years later, the perfect idea came to mind – to build this chair as an marriage proposal chair.

This sailboat chair, made out of Apple-Ply, was built and designed as a “ring box” to hold the engagement ring for my soon to be “fiance”. I personalized it with her favorite colors (yellow and grey) and constructed a small special compartment that would hide the ring as a surprise. The chair has two interchangeable “sails” that serve as cushions as well as storage.

In the next images, you will see more detail shots of the final chair and a behind the scenes video of what it took to bring this chair to life. This was a challenging, but definitely the most rewarding project I have ever made. Oh, and she said yes!

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