Salesforce Engineering

Salesforce Engineering


This dynamic and playful mechanical interactive concept that I created sparks curiosity and wonder in the attendees. What’s more, it provides the booth staff the opportunity to start conversations about the company values of growth, happiness, and philanthropy in the context of their own personal work life experiences. Booth staff will hand conference attendees a white ball, which they drop into the interactive structure before cranking the handle. The ball travels up the conveyor belt and when it reaches the top, it triggers Rube

Goldbergesque animated sequence located on LED video walls inside the canopy that illustrates what sets Salesforce apart. For example, when the ball reaches the watering can, water sprinkles into the flower pot, the flowers grow, and the bees emerge to illustrate the potential for growth within the company. When the animated sequence is over, the ball travels back down the conveyor belt and the white ball is magically transformed into a glowing blue ball that the attendees can take away. Attached are the graphics I created for the display as well as sketches that communicated my concept and idea. The 3D Renderings were created by Chris Radovich, utilizing my design.

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